Monday, October 6, 2008

How do I suggest a flavor?

We're glad you asked! There is a suggestion board up at Scoops or you can leave suggestions on this blog. Let your imagination run wild. Generally, Tai Kim (the flavormaster) combines two, maybe three flavors maximum together.

For example, you could take Obama's Hawaiian background into account: Guava Pineapple sorbet. Or you could suggest a flavor inspired by John McCain. Pork and Prunes, anyone?

For those of you who have never been to Scoops, it is right next door to LA City College on Heliotrope, just north of Melrose Avenue. The Address is: 712 N. Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90029

More info and a map:


damienne said...

I suggest:

the 'Palin Russian Horizon' flavor: vanilla ice cream

or the 'Palin Pride' flavor: Plain Crushed Ice

EILEEN said...

Love that Pork & Prunes idea.
"Palin Pride" is hilarious!

My suggestion is "Obama Victory"
and of course

Flavors for Change said...

Sarah Palin flavors
Cantalope ("can't elope")
Baked Alaska

Cindy McCain
Beer and Twinkies

Mia Trachinger said...

I suggest....

"Lipstick on a Pig": Red Hots mixed into Strawberry Ice Cream

Wander Lester said...

I'd like a scoop of Yes We Candy Bar Crunch!

Go Obama/Biden!

csk said...

McCain House Hunt: Green minty pea gelato with hidden house shaped crackers. How many houses did you get in YOUR scoop?

White chocolate heart attack: Palin could be one heart beat away from presidency! Heavy sweet cream, white chocolate and whiskey.

Sabor de Cambio: A gazpacho themed savory sorbet (this is really just because I have wanted Scoops to make a gazpacho sorbet forever)

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Cold Blood: Just plain ol raspberry sorbet, for Cindy McCain's lame comment.

Pumpkin Pie: in honor of one of the few sweets that Obama does enjoy. (he has said he isn't into sweets much).

Mint Bar(ac)k: In honor of Obama's favorite kind of gum, mint, + some chocolate "bark" short for Barack.

Stephen N said...

We can't be "beet"en. Beet flavored ice creamfor Obama!

Andrew said...

How about the "Change" flavor: just a bunch of sprinkles, but no actual substance underneath it.

Anonymous said...

For McCain's desert temperament:
"Prickly Pete": prickly pear and lime

And for Obama:
"Cherry We Can Believe In": black cherry and dark chocolate

Benjie said...

I think this one's obvious... Baracky Road??

GnawingThruLA said...

"The Obama"
a dark and white chocolate swirl concoction mixed with salty crunchy bacon pieces, since he is not Muslim. Now thats's OBAMA

Jackie said...

- for McCain, the White Bread Special. Nancy McDrmott in Thai Vegetarian Cooking has a recipe for what sounds like a delicious combination: three tiny scoops o coconut milk ice cream, wrapped in soft white bread and topped with sticky rice and roasted salted peanuts. The White Bread Special would be just the coconut ice cream wrapped in Wonder Bread. Charge $8.00 for it because McCain said he doesn't know anything about economics.
- The Palin White Bread Special: the above with the nuts
- for Obama, Apple Spice, mixing a favorite American fruit with the spices of east Africa. I only know about Ethiopian food but I assume Kenyans also use spice blends. It is covered with a patchwork of colored sprinkles so it looks like different colors from every angle (thanks Andrew!)
- the Biden His Time: any flavor you want, but must purchase with a credit card.

Mike Shimpock said...

scranton scrapple

scrapple flavored caramel ice cream. the pig and the sweet.

joe biden sez: "this is the worst ice cream in the world. believe me, you don't want to try this ice cream. it's horrible."

grant said...

i saw this one on (i think) awhile back....when they were talking about ice cream flavors inspired by barack obama.....


Amy said...

I like the idea of combo-ing obama's roots into one flavor.

How about Brown Bread/Pineapple?

Beverly said...

Banana Bo Biden:

banana ice cream with 2 obama mix ins--
chocolate chunks (haha) and coconut flakes(a nod to his hawaiian background)

Hockey Mom mint pucks:
mint chocolate chip ice cream shaped like hockey pucks and covered with chocolate. sold in 6 packs for the Joe plummers/6-packs out there ;)

Beverly said...

Budget Crunch Bailout:
Pistacho ice cream (money colored!) with chocolate Crunch bits mixed in.

Vinh said...

Joe Plum-mer

Plum Ice Cream
A Little Brown Sugar

Anonymous said...

coffee/macadamia nut. Hawaiian
ginger/tea. African
corn. American

mb said...

how about Bitter White Chocolate Moose?

FoodSnob said...

71 Bitter & Nutty:

McCain's Age.
He's a bitter old man.
He's nutty.

71% Bittersweet Valrhona Chocolate with Roasted Chopped Almonds and a touch of Grey Salt (because I like that :)

Linda said...

Obama, since he's Multiracial and Hawaiian...

Vanilla - Caucasian
Pinapple/Coconut - Hawaiian
and for the African, mix in some Rum flavored Cake!!!!


mop said...

how about 'the last days of bush' : white bread and baloney

or for Palin 'i can see russia from my house': apple pie and vodka

Joe said...

"Barack the Casbah"

Saffron flavored ice cream with rock candy bits mixed in

Lady Margret Schultz said...

The New Economic Flan

Maria said...

A Chez Panisse alum, opened a shop in Berkeley called , Ici, on College Ave.

They have amazing home made ice-cream bars. Tasteful 4-bite squares (have more than one!)

For our next Pres., I'd suggest a dark-chocolate cookie outer layer (obvious symbolism) with date (for his background in Hawaii and Indonesia) and vanilla (basic, liked by most everyone--a centrist's flavor).