Monday, October 6, 2008


Welcome to Flavors For Change -- where politics and ice cream come together to create an irresistable union!

Inspired by the current election season and Barack Obama's presidential bid, SCOOPS ice creamery in East Hollywood is proud to announce a new campaign: FLAVORS FOR CHANGE.

From now until October 25, we want YOU to suggest flavors inspired by the Obama campaign, the election, his opponents, your hopes for our country's future. Be creative! Think outside the box! But most imporantly, participate!

From Oct 27-31, Tai will serve from the flavor pool created by you, with 20 percent of the proceeds from that week going to the Obama Victory Fund.

There will be a special OBAMA ICE CREAM SOCIAL on Tuesday Oct 28 from 7-10pm to showcase some of the more popular flavors as well as kick off the last week before the election. Come taste the flavor of change about to take hold of America and GET OUT THE VOTE!

1 comment:

Lex said...

Please make some Vegan Obama Flavors! Would Vegan Candied Yam Soul Ice Cream For Obama work?